You only have one chance to make a good first impression. This is as true in business as it is in life. The TVA Scoring System is a phenomenal self-help (and professional help) program that will assist you in making your first impression to those all-important investors the very best it can be!

Our mission is to make you fundable! As you can see from the pie charts on the left, the chances of getting the funding you hope for is low. Working with TVA can considerably raise the odds.

TVA provides several paths to assist entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams::

For those who want to "try before they buy," we offer the Qualifier. This is a 65-question survey we designed for Forbes magazine to determine "America's Most Promising Companies." After taking the Qualifier, we'll provide you with one of TVA's trademarked Radar Graphs that will help you see just how fundable your company really is when viewed through the eyes of a professional investor.

After you complete the Qualifier, you're invited to step-up and take TVA's benchmark product, the Fundability Assessment. However, as an intermediary step, we offer something called the Vulnerability Feedback that will add additional insight into the Qualifier before moving on. This is an additional report that can be purchased once the qualifier is completed


Finally, for those who really want to dig in and find every nuance that may be holding them back, there’s our flagship product, the Fundability Assessment This product will wear you out with it's 1,000+ questions that delve deep into every aspect of your business. The experience is designed to help clarify your thinking by exposing your to the type of due diligence a professional investor would require before making an investment. Think of it as working just like a PSAT exam – it helps you do better when it's time to take the real thing!

All of these TVA products will help you get the insights you need to fine-tune your business! The feedback ranges from the simplicity of a TVA Radar Graph to in-depth feedback, to one-on-one counseling, to referrals to world-class resources uniquely qualified to assist in specific areas. Ultimately, the very highest rated companies may be featured in one or more TVA-published lists featuring the Top Investment Grade EntrepreneuR's (TIGER Lists).

TVA is YOUR first step to getting funded! Click here to start with the Qualifier or click here to begin the Fundability Assessment.


Invented patented modeling software that predicts, with great accuracy, how and when components will fail--even before they're built.

TVA Radar Graph

Makes software that trolls the Web for as yet unsearchable graphics, photos and videos.

TVA Radar Graph

Offers easy-to-use, customizable software that allows users access to any data, anytime, from anywhere, even via smart phones.

TVA Radar Graph

Patented technology for water purification and waste water treatment delivered through low capital cost process equipment that can fit in the back of a pick-up truck and purify up to 20-million gallons of water per day.

TVA Radar Graph

Uniquely able to predict year ahead temperature, precipitation and snowfall by the day, week, and season at thousands of locations around the globe. Major customers have a significant weather based business drivers including manufacturers, retailers, commodity traders.

         TVA Radar Graph


Packages and sells cut fruit in 8-ounce and 20-ounce containers.

TVA Radar Graph

Its Web-based software acts as a virtual auditor to catch internal fraud and employee mistakes by mining data from internal company databases looking for anomalies.

TVA Radar Graph

Designs, manufacturers and sells men's shoes online, at and, and through 100 U.S. retailers, including Nordstrom.

TVA Radar Graph

Manufactures and sells custom-fit earbuds for audio headphones.

TVA Radar Graph

Offers real-time data-management of video image and collateral libraries supporting sales in the technology, digital media and life sciences industries.

TVA Radar Graph

Manufactures patent-protected detectors used in magnetic resonance imaging machines made by Toshiba and Siemens.

TVA Radar Graph

Employ’s patented software to let patients enter their privacy directives into a database, giving researchers advance permission to contact patients and slash research costs.

TVA Radar Graph

Web based delivery of software that allows property owners to operate multi-tenant buildings more efficiently, tailor energy consumption to tenant demand, and insure that tenants are appropriately billed for excess and after hours services.

     TVA Radar Graph


Makes hypoallergenic line of pillows, pillow covers and mattress covers currently sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart and BJ's Wholesale Club.

TVA Radar Graph

Predictive game element design software, based upon its proprietary database of more than 9,000 video games, to assist developers, publishers, hedge funds and retailers in optimizing business decisions.

TVA Radar Graph

Makes data-storage systems for corporations, hospitals, schools and governments.

TVA Radar Graph

Its Web-based software lets building contractors manage their invoices, create estimates, schedule work orders and communicate with subcontractors.

TVA Radar Graph

Licenses software that creates personal avatars--virtual human representations used primarily in video games--based on two or more digital photos.

TVA Radar Graph

Bi3's software mines structured data as well as unstructured data like PDF files to create actionable graphs and reports.

TVA Radar Graph

Manufactures and sells microwavable pastries including brownie treats, cookie dough and holiday kits through the internet, C stores and major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Winn Dixie.

TVA Radar Graph



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